Saturday, June 12, 2010

Love Hate Relationship

We began our team camp yesterday and I was asked to come speak with our officials today about what coaches look for in them. I will not speak for all coaches but here are a few of the points I addressed.

  • Demeanor: Officials who show confidence, make their call quickly, don't get too emotional, and show they are human when they do make a mistake and admit it goes along ways.
  • Control: Officials who keep the coaches and players under control don't let the game get emotional, and don't make me have to get on them to get the calls the other coach is getting.
  • Invisibility: Officials that go unnoticed and let the game be played are always the best. We are trying to get our teams to a championship level. Calls aren't made in the post season so why make them now. Make only the calls that are necessary.
  • Listen: Officials have a million things to concentrate on, but paying attention to end of game situations so they can give a timeout when a coach is asking for it may be one of the most important calls an official makes.
I think the next conversation should be what officials are looking from coaches. I would imagine it might be to sit down and be quiet!

I think both officials and coaches need to have some thick skin, but winning sure makes everyone better.

Coach Bin

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