Thursday, June 10, 2010

His Name is Steve

I just returned from my trip to Billings, Montana for a Bobcat Club function.

I drove over with our Athletic Director Peter Fields to meet with over 50 Bobcat Club members. On the way we talked about Nebraska's jump, whether or not we would have chicken wings for dinner, and most importantly the best concert we ever saw.

Peter has seen some good ones. The most interesting on his list was ZZ Top who was pretty big back in the day but he said the best entertainer was Reba Mcentire. The best entertainer I saw was Janet Jackson, but Carrie Underwood rocked when she wore a Montana State Women's Basketball uniform for her encore in Bozeman.

Two hours later we made it. We walked into the Red Door Lounge surrounded by the electric energy in the room. Bobcats are all around our state. They are loud, proud, and most of their names are Steve!

Peter, our men's basketball coach, football coach, and I all spoke to our members, thanked them for their contributions, and as I shook the last hand before heading home I told him to read my blog the next day.

His name was Steve.

Coach Bin

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