Sunday, June 6, 2010

Dancing With The Starrs

What a celebration!

The evening began with three beautiful supporters sneaking in the back as the wedding began. This would be Jamie Thornton, Lyndi Seidensticker, and Katie Bussey. All eyes were on them as they whispered back and forth whether to sign in or be seated. What a chuckle.

The cutest moment of the program was the flower girl dropping her basket of flower petals not knowing what to do next until a spectator graciously picked it up and handed it to her.

We were all on the edge of our seats when Amy walked out in her radiant gown and walked along the balcony, down the stairs and was greeted by her dad as she took a deep breathe.

The Reverend, Albert Starr, also known as Temeshgen's dad, gave us all a lesson on marriage as he recommended not competing with one another but rather playing as a team.

During the communion Amy and T held the cups while Albert held out the bread. One of our friends wasn't used to dipping the bread in the wine for communion so he just put it in his mouth and took the cup from Amy before Amy told him "no". He wasn't sure if he should go ask for another. I think God found that pretty amusing.

Most importantly, Amy & T both looked stunning, said their vows, and got married.

It was time to party. We had all levels of rhythm on the dance floor, the best being the ring barer who was six years old. I won't tell you where Todd and I fell in line, but we didn't care. It was a blast.

Trivia you wouldn't know if you didn't attend the wedding.

  • I played against three of the women in the bridal party, all from Washington State.
  • Temesghen's mom, Judy reads my blog. Congrats Judy!
  • Amy's sister Jenny admitted Starr is a much better last name for Amy than Saneholtz. Sorry Marcia and Barney.
We finished the evening at the hotel with the men's and women's basketball staffs and spouses, and all I could think about was, both of our programs will have some VERY GOOD Bobcats with Amy and T's future kids!

Coach Bin

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