Saturday, June 26, 2010

Campfire Myths

Wrapping up the summer Bobcat Socials in Fort Benton.

We held the social at Steward and Rita Elliot's home. Numerous towns were represented including 80% of the town of Highwood when Rachel Semansky, now a sophomore on our team brought her parents, grandparents, aunt, and uncle. Monk, Rachel's dad was able to draw a map of Highwood on one post it note.

All kidding aside, I enjoy the smaller communities as I am from a small town myself. I like to brag though that Carbondale now has TWO stop lights!

As Coach Starr and I started mingling with the guests, I corrected Amy at one point when she introduced herself as Amy Saneholtz. Sorry Temesghen, it will take some time to get used to.

When it hit dusk, Rita made a pretty darn good firepit so we could avoid the millions of local misquitos. That's when I heard the campfire "myths."

If you stare at the campfire you will wet the bed.

Hmm, I am thankful I got through the night without an accident. Myth #1 is false.

If you put poop on the campfire it will not smell like roses.

We were all sitting around when I smelled what seemed to be dog poop and it continued to get worse. I then asked if anyone else smelled it and we all started cracking up. "Duke", Rita's and Stu's dog,  must have left a surprise on on one of the logs. Myth #2 true.

If you want your guests to go home, put poop on the campfire.

Once the odor was in the air we all called it a night. Myth #3 is a no brainer unless you like the smell of poop.

More to come on our road trip.

Coach Bin

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