Thursday, December 9, 2010

Buffalo Wild Wings

I forgot to tell you of our latest story on the road following our football team's post season run. Coach Scanson was able to find us a Buffalo Wild Wings in California that put the playoff game on so we could watch during lunch.

If any of you have watched a football game, however, they last a little longer than one meal. So we had some appetizers, drank a lot of water, shifted our seating positions often, and went to the bathroom on more than one occassion.

As I exited the restroom and saw the sign on the door I was fairly optimistic about our viewing conditions. Yes it would have been nice to be at the live game with our sold out home crowd, but when you see the player's breathe and realize it is freezing cold outside, my 70 degree inside chair wasn't all that bad.

Congrats to our boys who had a thrilling season and a big thanks to Buffalo Wild Wings for their hospitality and EXTRA napkins!

Coach Bin

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