Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Stay At Home Dads

People ask me all the time how Todd and I do it, raising two kids, with me being at work all day.
It's simple, give and take. You won't do everything exactly how your spouse would like them done and they won't do everything exactly how you would have them done.

Few examples:

1) Groceries-When Todd goes shopping we end up with a lot more candy and frozen meals. When I go shopping we end up with more food period.
2) Dress-This one is from yesterday when I met Todd and Brooklyn at Justin's school for his school's holiday program. I had picked out a nice red sweater for him the day before to wear. When I get there Brooklyn is still in her pj's with tube socks over them pulled up to her knees and Nike shoes on. Her hair is a mess. When Justin's class takes the stage I ask Todd if he can see him. He says to me, "just look for the kid in the orange shirt."

Yes, it's true. My son was standing there in the middle of red, green, white, girls in Christmas dresses, boys with ties, and my son's orange shirt with a football on the front.

The good news is that he was really easier to find!

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Jazzie Casas said...

Married… divorced… separated… never together… Once you’re a father, you're always a father. There is no you in the formula of life anymore. There is always at least one other person standing beside you in that equation. Always. Own that. And never leave that behind.

Proud to be a Single Dad