Monday, December 13, 2010


Every coach knows how important experience is to the success of a team, and I can't think of a better example than watching Carrie Underwood in concert last night.

If any of you are avid blog readers you will recall my husband and I going to her concert two years ago in the Fieldhouse when she came out for her encore in an MSU Women's Basketball jersey. It was an unbelievable concert. In the Big Sky Conference she would have been named Freshman of the Year.

Two years later Carrie has taken her game a whole new level! Last night she sang one song while swinging herself back and forth on a swing, at an uncomfortable height I might add. My players can't complain when I demand them to sprint back on defense AND communicate AND see the ball all at the same time. If Carrie can swing herself, hold on, and sing amazing then we can play great transition defense. Can I get your ab workout for our team?
Underwood has also shown to have strong endurance, another sign of a champion, when she told us she was on concert 94 and eventually breaking 100. I did pray for her voice however because that is like playing in three overtime periods. May I suggest a ten minute ice bath.

The most impressive strength of Carrie's besides her vocals was her balance. Great athletes have great balance and I did also pray that she not walk so close to the ledge in center of the stage that brought her out at the beginning of the show. It looked like she was tip toeing in those high heels inches away from a sudden drop off.

Speaking of heels, Todd and I brought the binoculars so I got to see up close all the wardrobe changes and the shoes ROCKED! I especially liked the blue "bling" ones not that my favorite color is blue or anything. She made it the entire concert, too, I might add without getting taped.

Last but certainly not least, the highlight of the show was when she came out in the back of an old pick up truck suspended in air over the crowd. She was singing John Denver's "Country Road." Yes, I am from Colorado.

Other tidbits:
  • To the "Son's of Sylvia" who opened up the show, it's actually pretty warm right now in Bozeman. You should have been here 3 weeks ago.
  • Whoever schedules the shows, please next time don't have it the night before finals begin. Half of my team was at the show.
  • Billy Currington-Are you trying to start fights with spouses when you get the crowd to scream singing "WOMEN" are crazy? Todd wasn't sure if he should join in or not.
  • Carrie-Thank you for donating part of every show to charity. You are a class act.
Thank you Carrie Underwood for BRINGING IT a second time and for surpassing your previous perfomance. You are an amazing performer, a gifted singer, and I am thankful that God answered both of my requests last night for your voice and your balance!

Coach Bin

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