Sunday, December 26, 2010


I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ.

In between the Star Wars Lego sets and the dolls that Brooklyn didn't want, I was glad to hear my son still knew what this holiday is about. He told me we were celebrating Jesus's birthday, everything he has done for us, and giving to others as well. Next is getting Brooklyn to understand that as she thinks it's to play with Justin's presents.

My family spent this year's Christmas with Todd's family in Idaho, and every year it just goes by too fast.
Todd and the kids are staying a few extra days while I fly home for practice and a road trip to Utah.

So my travel continues back to Bozeman as today I started in the Boise airport. It began with the entertaining security guard looking up and down my photo ID, chuckling before he said "Binford Tools" hugh?

As I entered my millionth bathroom to shut the door, it just continued to slide open despite numerous attempts on the switch. I thought to myself, how can the geniuses in our world who invent the I pad, French Press Coffee Mug, disposable diapers NOT create door handles that actually stay shut? Instead they create the motion sensor which makes the toilet flush at random times possibly while you are going to the bathroom.

I do know that I am not a genius as I tried to blog off my blackberry. A real genius gave us the internet and wireless.

So please forgive me for my sarcasm as I am using it now in the SLC airport. Icould always drink less water to solve my other problem.

Coach Bin

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