Monday, June 15, 2009


We are in action here in the Fieldhouse. We finished off team camp Sunday with an overtime championship finish. CMR was able to hold off Sidney down the stretch after completing five games in two and a half days.

We just concluded our first day of our individual skills camp. I am so proud of our 100+ campers for taking the time to work on their skill work rather than just playing basketball all summer. My philosophy is that if you can put in the time on both you can become a champion during the summer.

The day of excitement began with our 2 clap cheer orchestrated by Coach Scanson (RockStar, Monster, or Red Bull) camp coordinator. Just wait until "intensity" station later in the week. I am pretty sure we have a caffeine limit for him.

Our Little Dribblers had the most energy of all screaming out their "BEEF" balance, eyes, elbow, and follow through for all of you non shooters. You give them a little encouragement and they will give you much more in return.

After lunch we jumped to the game challenge of shipwreck by Coach Saneholtz. She would put Bob Barker to shame. Our camp coaches, none other than our players, get very competitive. However, it was former MSU Alum Scotta Morton and a camper that won the game.

A camp would not be complete though, without the most important instruction of all, defense. Coach Close is no stranger to that as she introduced Cat and Mouse like "Tom and Jerry." Our campers are fierce, tenacious, and they will win a championship with that defensive mentality.

We'll see how our energy pulls up tomorrow after a stiff night's sleep.

Like I tell my team when taking a charge, it's time to


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