Friday, June 5, 2009


Did you read the previous blog on Mara?

If not, read that before you come back.

Ok, now you know Mara is going to be playing professionally in Germany, I want you to also know that she couldn't shoot a free throw three years ago when she first came into our program. She had a shoulder surgery her first year and sat on the bench her second. This past season she became a starter and a powerful center in the Big Sky.

How did she take it to the NEXT LEVEL?

1) Last summer Mara did every single one of her summer workouts that were given to her
2) She did each workout as HARD AS SHE COULD. There is a difference between working out and pushing yourself beyond your comfort zone.
3) She then asked for more. She went ABOVE & BEYOND what was asked. She was voted by her team most improved player this past year.
4) She is an optimist. She believes that good things will come for those who work for it and it did!

The question is, how hard are you willing to work?

Coach Bin

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