Thursday, June 18, 2009

The Things Kids Say

Today is the conclusion of camp week. Kids are playing games, doing their ball handling routines, painting their faces for intensity station, and winning all kinds of awards. What a fun week this has been.

In most camps coaches have a point of emphasis that they would like all of their campers to learn. My highlight is hearing what the campers have interpreted from that goal. Here are a couple of examples.

1) Football Camp. My son attended the MSU Football Camp and was probably the smallest camper in attendance. However, he definitely was not the smallest in intensity. At the end of the week Coach Ioane was asking the campers through the megaphone what it meant to have good sportsmanship. The kids would raise their hands and when called upon, give an intellectual answer like "be a good teammate," "don't give up", "lose with dignity."

Well, my son got picked to give an answer. Here is what he said,

"Don't pick grass." Yes, you heard it. He told me later that you wouldn't have a football field to play on if all the grass was picked. You can't argue that.

2) WBB Little Dribbler's Camp. A parent told me this story this morning. One of our little dribblers, Claire, was so excited about what she learned at camp. She went home last night to show her parents how to play defense.

"See, you start by putting your butt out." I hope our coaches used appropriate terminology. "Then you put your arms out. You just can't push or that will be a vowel."

Her dad then told her she meant to say "foul." In her mind, however, he was wrong, and she was certain she knew what she meant. "No, it's a vowel."

The Things Kids Say.

I want to thank all of our campers for their energy this week, our camp coaches for their hard work, and our parents for giving their kids this opportunity. What an incredible week.

Coach Bin

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