Friday, June 26, 2009


No, this has nothing to do with Next Level. I hope everyone can stay tuned for that next Friday.

Instead, I would like to tell you how hard my job is. Thursday morning, I packed my bags and was getting ready to depart to Fort Benton, the "Beginning of Montana". As I headed out the door my son asked me why I had to go to work. I said, "It's my job."

Then my husband chirped in saying, "Mommy's not really working today. She is going to go have fun."

Yes, I admit my job brings great joy, and the past two days felt like a vacation. I was driving four hours to Fort Benton to speak at the Bobcat Club social which raises funds for student-athlete scholarships.

I pulled in to Fort Benton around noon and was picked up by Rita Elliot, the Bobcat Club Chapter President and her neighbor Kathy to do some kyaking down the river before the social. I will tell you, we got a lot of work accomplished on the river. We saw three deer, one pelican, and chatted about everything and anything.

It was one of the most relaxing two hours of my life. No cell phone in hand, in the great outdoors- God's beautiful country, and the only thing missing was a layer of sunscreen on my calf that I had missed. I am still paying for that today.

We finished off the evening with a great social with people from all over, including Hamilton, Chester, Belt, Fort Benton, and probably the entire Highwood community there to support my most recent signee, Rachel Semansky.

Therefore, I am now putting out a challenge to all surrounding areas of Highwood, Hamilton, and Fairfield (our 3 Montana signees) that if you all come to our home games this season we are sure to win the Big Sky attendance!

Today I wrapped up a scramble on 18 holes on the Fort Benton golf course with a wonderful and very skilled group. I have decided to throw away my 3 & 5 woods because it was obvious that the reason I couldn't hit with those today were because they were bad clubs. It had nothing to do with my perfect swing. Other than that I want to thank my team for a great vacation before my vacation.

After four hours back I am ready to pack for our family's trip tomorrow to Dworshak Resevoir. The good news is that the speed limit on Oak street in Bozeman has FINALLY changed to 35 instead of 25 so the 7 hour trip may only become 6 hours and 59 minutes.

Do you think you can turn in a speeding ticket for reimbursement from 2 years ago?

Coach Bin

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Kathy said...

Coach! I LOVED hearing about your trip to Fort Benton with our mutual friend Rita and all the great Bobcats there! What a fun report! Thanks for doing all you do to help our student athletes and to further the great message of MSU Athletics! Kathy McCleary