Thursday, June 4, 2009


I have always been an optimist so being an undersized guard throughout my career I have always valued my 5'4 size.
1) Posts can't see you sneaking in for the steal
2) It's a much shorter fall to the ground when taking a charge
3) Mass defense: After 3 minutes of fatigue, you aren't as noticed as your 6'4 post's stance

Well, last night brought out another situation where being 5'4 has its advantages, Country Swingin'. My husband and I left our kids with Lyndi Seidensticker and Sarah Strand, at my son's request of course. Justin took charge organizing the puzzle play as we left for the dance floor.

We met up with some of our coaches and friends including Coach Saneholtz, Close, Schuab, and from the men's staff, Coach Starr. How cool of a name is that!

Now, I won't lie to you. I don't have the rhythm of Erica Perry which is why I prefer country swinging. However, Todd and I haven't been on the dance floor in three years so we were a bit rusty.

Todd is 6'2 so it's fairly easy to just spin around underneath him. However, he did brake a lady's nose once who was a little taller. ADVANTAGE #4.

Todd and I got the kinks out before we grabbed Coach Starr and Coach Saneholtz for instruction. I took Starr who at first was a very good apprentice. That was until he took me down for a dip but forgot to pull me back up, "SMACK!"

Low to the ground, not too hurtful. ADVANTAGE #5. Just no more dancing with Coach Starr.

Coach Saneholtz said we had to stay until 11:00pm based on principle. We had to show we weren't THAT OLD. As soon as the clock hit 11:00pm I said "Ok, so are we ready to go?

Todd and I got home to a quiet nest. After a night of dancing I was ready to crash. ADVANTAGE #6. My 7'2 teammate for the Utah Starzz Margo Dydek had to have her bed made.

Margo had told me once that she got to tall because she drank a lot of milk. She also can dunk and see over people in a crowded environment.

I suppose all of us can find advantages to what we have been blessed with if we look at it with optimism.

Coach Bin

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